Mamma Andersson—Bordercrossings Magazine

I have a habit of surreptitiously scanning the shelves, upon entering a room full of books. The goal of my innocent snooping is an attempt to gain insight into the person’s inner life, their likes and dislikes, references and desires. A kind of biblio-voyeurism.

What can we glean from someone’s taste in books? Mamma Andersson puts her library on full display in the monograph Memory Banks, published in conjunction with her recent solo exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Centre in Cincinnati. Nestled on her shelves are books on Japanese interiors, Kurt Cobain, dolls and dollhouses, contemporary dance, Holbein and Klimt. What I have concluded from a glimpse of Andersson’s books is that she is an artist who particularly loves collecting images. This archive is featured heavily in her paintings.

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