Artnet: Art Industry News

Artnet News picked my essay on Instagram museums, for the Walrus, as one of their top picks of the week. 

Instagram Traps Are Making Us Sad – The selfie-friendly experience the Happy Place in Toronto is just one of many pop-up exhibitions jumping on the bandwagon launched by the Museum of Ice Cream in New York. (Boston, beware: #WeAreHappyPlace pops up there in April.) But one critic notes that the act of posing in the bright and wacky settings is actually not that enjoyable at all. “The only thing that matters is that they look good online,” writes Tatum Dooley. (Walrus)

Frieze Magazine’s Weekend Reading List

My essay on how the aesthetic of minimalism is used as a selling tactic on Instagram, for Real Life, was included on Frieze Magazine’s Weekend Reading list, thanks!

Tatum Dooley unpicks how Instagram influencers deploy a minimalist aesthetic: ‘Minimalism, or pseudo-minimalism, turns out to be a handy undercover vehicle for consumer obsession: aesthetically pleasurable, and suggestive of high-minded austerity, it obscures its own extravagance. It signals virtue while suggesting that beauty and the good are one and the same.’